Car Magnet Care

Magnets may not ship flat, so it's recommended to lay them flat on the hood of your car in the sun for a couple of hours before use (this helps evaporate any possible moisture build-up that accrued during shipment). When not in use, keeping them in a flat box or on a flat surface in a cool, dry place when not in use will also help avoid creasing and build-up.

Clean magnets on both sides, as well as the placement area on your door to rid the area of any dust, dirt, or build-up. You can clean the magnets with a soft moist cotton cloth with water - no abrasive cleaners.

We recommend removing the magnet once or twice a week and placing them inside your home or garage (away from the elements) to avoid any excessive heat exposure. Standing the magnets on their sides can result in wilting which may cause problems when trying to apply to the desired surface.

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