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Please Note:

Click Personalize and select your logo from the Artwork Section or enter your custom text. If your logo is not available click on the Embroidery FAQ tab. *Production time is 5 business days from date of order

Submit your logo to get digitized and added to the Artwork options for the custom EMBROIDERY products. Once your logo is sent to us and added, there will be no set up fee needed to have your logo added to the embroidery products marked as "Custom". $30 product price covers digitization for this logo - any use of this logo on embroidered items moving forward will not require any other set up fees, but any changes to your logo will require you to repeat this process. Contact customer service with any questions.

**Logos are added during business hours - if logo is submitted after hours or over the weekend, it won't be available in the Artwork Section until the next business day.

*File must be a PDF or EPS (vector/editable) file. contact customer service with any questions.

*This logo is for embroidery items only - not for print or promotional items.

I Want to Customize an item with my logo - is that possible?
Yes - on the product detail page select the Personalize It button and find your logo in the Artwork section. Your logo will be embroidered on the item you selected. Please note that sizing and location may vary slightly from the display, and depending on the color of the item and color of the logo, your artwork may need to be altered. In this event, our creative team will reach out to you before production. 

Logos are only added to the Artwork Section during business hours. Any logos submitted after hours or over the weekend will not be added until the next business day.

My logo isn't an option in the Artwork Section. What do I do?
Go to the product titled Add My Logo (HERE) and add the item to your cart - you'll be paying for us to digitize and store your logo in our system (this is the set up fee for embroidered customization orders). You'll upload your vector logo file and our team will add it to the Artwork Selection. Please note, if your logo ever changes, or if you'd like to add a second logo, you'll need to repeat this process. Your custom items may be used for marketing purposes on the site. Contact our Customer Service email for any questions.

How long will it take to customize my embroidery items?
Embroidery items will take about 7 business days from the date of the order (provided the logo is set up correctly and our team has all necessary information when the order is placed) and shipping time will begin once the production time is complete. 

Where on the product will my logo be placed?
Depending on the item, the logo will be placed where it's shown on the sample image.

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